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Group Life Products Policy

Product Profile (Group Life Assurance Scheme)

Group Funeral Insurance Policy

Who is covered?

The scheme covers employees, members of associations or organisations united by a common purpose.

Benefits Payable

In the event of death of the member, a multiple of salary or specified amount of money is payable on production
of evidence of death and other relevant requirements as advised in advance.

Additional Benefits Payable (Optional)

Funeral Expense Benefit becomes payable immediately on the death of the member to assist in funeral
expenses such as:
* Bereavement assistance
* Purchase of coffin
* Transport, e.t.c.
Disability Benefit shall be payable on the total and permanent disablement of the member.

Requirements for a Quotation

To enable us produce a quote for you at no cost at all, we would require the following information:
* Proposed date of commencement of the scheme
* Name(s) of employee(s) or any Identity Number
* Date of Birth of the employee(s)
* Gender of the employee(s)
* Annual salary of the employee(s)
* Multiple of salary for death-in-service i.e. One, Two or Three