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Group Life Products Policy

Product Profile (Group Funeral Insurance Policy)

Group Funeral Insurance Policy

This scheme is designed to alleviate the funeral expenses incurred by employers, associations or organisations
in the event of death of their employees or members.

Who is covered?

The scheme covers the employee (main member) spouse and up to four (4) dependant children. The employee
can, at his/her own expense, wish to cover his/her parents and the parents of his/her spouse under the scheme
in order to access the competitive group rates.

What is the amount of benefit payable?

The employer, association or indeed the employee (in case of his/her parents or parents in-law), may choose
the amount of cash to be paid, that would be adequate to meet funeral expenses such as:
* Coffin/Casket
* Transportation of the deceased to the final resting place
* Bereavement allowance/cash that may be used to buy food, firewood etc. at the funeral home

Requirements for a Quotation

To enable us produce a quote for you at no cost at all, we would require the following information:
* List of members to be covered i.e. Main Member and spouse, children and dependants if any;
* Amount of cover for each life insured
* Date of Birth of each member
* Gender of each member
* Annual salary of each member ( if salaried employee)